Thermal House

Thermal Manifesto

Thermal Manifesto, named after inkless printing technique of receipts from cash registers.
With help of Open Source software tools I was able to start to use this method for cultural purposes and self-publishing.

Low-Res brings Max-Authenticity.
Halftone Raster of 1950s newspaper is very nice.
Read your rolls quick, after 2 year, print will be gone.
When you finish, please rewind. Same like VHS rule.
You can re-print your prints and add extra, new layer.
Works horizontal and vertical.

I would like to continue developing very light and movable system of transportable publishing desk, which can deploy and publish in various environments. Coop and inclusive potential is highlighted. Works and publications can be produced flexibly without long chain of service and postproduction steps. On locally available material and in reasonable and adequate amount.

Reducing print format (print rolls of 47mm width) and print quality to half-tone black and white raster has refreshing touch, contrasting with contemporary overwhelming presence of absolute perfect images.

Thermal Manifesto print change the way how publications are designed. Authors and readers are confronted with page-less and endless designing and reading experience. Final prints are compact, on light paper weight.

Public activities with project are prepared as way to discuss topic of self-printing and personal technical renaissance. They give chance to meet and discus topics and ideas of already existing publications as well as invite new members, which are interested in Thermal publications and avant-garde print methods.

Thermal Manifesto presented at

Prints for Ciocana with Oberliht, Chisinau, Moldavia, 2018
Absurdité, Trojan Tactics, Decazeville, France, 2018
Toulouse Salon, France, 2018
Baykonur ~ Berlin, Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin, Germany, 2018
Thermal publication and Open Source publishing, FR0, Paris, 2018
+ as part of Trojan Tactics Activities

Movement joined by

Gemini Kim
Sébastien Mazauric
Aleksi Cavaillez
Artus De Laviléon
Thibault Montamat
Nina Prader
Trojan Tactics