Free Doom

Original video clip including >>> authentic and white background free version. Raw material. Low-tech green screen effects. VGA resolution (640×480!) with loads of pixel noise. Low-Fidelity. Operation Iraqi Freedom. Operation Enduring Freedom. Operation Phantom Fury. Naive dreams and confession of Eastern-European guy. Fake Space shuttle moving image. Star ship. Mars. Mustache shots. General Ludvík Svoboda and his smile. Rainbow. Invasion to Iraq. Invasion to Europe from Mars. Clip was made as part of application to the Freedom Express organized by European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, where some of members did try to carry out ideas of SVU web.

Clip was not accepted by Freedom Express organizers. Contrary to that original version of clip was displayed in Czech center in New York as part of Subversive Tactics exhibition, curated by Zbyněk Baladrán. Considerable part of exhibition in New York was collective subversion of gallery space of Czech center. And it can be perceived as an collective statement towards challenging and self-centered design of gallery space.