Engraved Cutlery

Hand engraved text messages into communal kitchen cutlery. Private topics, resident names and “numbers” or map to get back to studio. Some of pieces keep circulating in kitchen system for 7+ months. Some Cutlery has been transported out of Europe.

Numbering inmates-residents-citizens have strong resemblance to any kind of authoritarian organizational system. Registering individuals into informative system is adopted by variety of institutions. We can find Example in one neighborhood; ZK/U (Center for Architecture and Urbanism) and Moabit Prison. Despite very different character of both institutions, people involved are numbered in similar manner.

Having dinner in communal kitchen, offer chances to investigate about mysterious numbers. Those numbers representing codes to individual stories as well they serve system, which came up with them. Subtle homage and remembrance of former resident by linking them to object of daily use.

Individuals without assigned number were presented with First Name.

Geographical approach is presented in “I was in Lichtenberg” engravings. Where studio Cutlery contain simplified map indicating position and orientation of studio in South Lichtenberg.

ZK/U Moabit
since 2012
Siemensstrasse 27-49

Justizvollzugsanstalt Moabit
built 1877-1882
architects Heinricha Hermann and August Busse
Alt-Moabit 13

Lichtenberg Studio
since 2006
Türrschmidtstraße 24