Born in Czechoslovakia

2009 — 2015 M. A. at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Studio New Media I.

2006 — 2009 DiS. at Tercial graphic school Hellichova, photography

Thermal publication and Open Source publishing, FR0, Paris, 2018
Baykonur ~ Berlin, Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin, Germany, 2018
Micro publications, Archip, Praha, Czech, 2018
Human Post, Center for Art and Urbanism, Berlin, Germany, 2017
BSR, Artist displacement, Berlin, Germany, 2016
ISO, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2016
Involvement VS. Formal Aestheticism, INI gallery, Praha, 2016
30 repair protocols in Český Krumlov, Ukradená galerie, Český Krumlov, 2015

Toulouse Salon, France, 2018
Absurdité, Trojan Tactics, Decazeville, France, 2018
Prints for Ciocana with Oberliht, Chisinau, Moldavia, 2018
Ø, with Thomas O’Grady, Silkebørg, Denmark, 2017
Open Circuit, Trojan Tactics, Seoul, Korea, 2017
Pagoda Walk, Trojan Tactics, Incheon, Korea, 2017
Potato Season, Communal Kitchen, Berlin, 2016
FREE DOOM, Subversive Tactics , NYC, US, 2015
Kiosk v penzionu, Chateau Třebešice, 2015
Ten dům sem nepatři ~ Karlin Adios, Karlin studios, Praha, 2015
New Now, Caffeine Knowledge, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, 2015
Kiosk with pickled currency, EXIT price, Ǔstí nad Labem, 2013
Caffeinization of gallery visitors, Kunsthalle Hamburger Platz, Berlin 2013
Modely drobných staveb, (Dis)harmonie, Kibla, Maribor, 2013
Fake Kiosk, Searching for the concept of the lost bohemian, Zürich, 2013
Ducato gallery, Artenalia, Poznan, 2012
Exhumace, Dark Case, Galerie AVU, Praha, 2012
Konečná utopie, vystupovat!, RPSP, GAVU, Praha, 2012

Decazeville city residency, France, 2018
Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin, Germany 2018
Silkebørg residency O’Grady, Denmark, 2017
Mobile Biennale, Iași ~ Chișinău, Romania ~ Republic of Moldova, 2017
Bucharest, Czech Center residency, Romania, 2017
Joint residency, Woori Art Museum, Trojan Tactics, Incheon, Korea, 2017
Residency, Seoul Art Space Mullae, Seoul, Korea, 2017
ZK/U residency, Berlin, Germany, 2016
Residency INI gallery, Praha, Czech Republic, 2015
Egon Schiele residency, Český Krumlov, Czech Republic, 2015

Thermal Manifesto, one roll, France, 2018
Absurdité, vol. 1~5, France, 2018
Korean testimony ~ Failed Ideas, 2017
True is; Where Trash is., set of 32 postcards, Berlin, 2017
TT Menu For Openhouse, Trojan Tactics studio, Berlin, 2016
Trash Fruits, Trojan Tactics studio, Amsterdam, 2016
LOS, with Markéta Mráckova and Bára Šimonová, 2015
Kiosk, Manifesto of Fragile Architecture, 2013
Mastné stánky, Set of Cut-out models, 2012
PPP, Poetická politická pohádka, 2012
Drevo, Maribor, Slovenia, 2011
East:West, 1:0, 2009
Via Baltica, with Aleksi Cavaillez, publ. Noir sur Blanc, Paris, 2006

Emancipation effect of repair, Author vs. Customer, sharing of knowledge, inter-community education, working and cooperating circle of individuals rather than pedagogue-centered model role of artist as a occupation strictly connected to society and its issues and perspective, pay back to cultural heritage by performing uneconomic activity for capital-realism, depressive printer, 100% Eco printer, reverse engineering, repairing is way of knowing things we use parallel to open source programming, irrational repairs of rational objects, modern shamanic, drug suiting repairs is caffeine, garbology, chrematology, trash, electronics, hope, coop, death of individualism, anti-ego, HY → [help yourself]. Laser Lines. Thermal Print. 3rd space.