Baikonur ~ Berlin

My Lichtenberg studio activities were dedicated to Self published Books, electronic experiments and constructions with topic of Electronic Error, Hair Internet, Laser Random drawings, videos of Work and Running sky, Zip Bags, theory of Vladimir Paperny described in Culture “Two” and Liu Cixin’s novel The Three-Body Problem, smell of Lichtenberg and caffeine habits exploration, Steel Engraving, Thermal publishing house and live prints, strong Turkish tea, Chicken + Fish slow motion.

These topics were presented during composed evening:
Baikonur ~ BerlinBaikonur is for one night operated from Lichtenberg

In form of Open Studio evening was made parallel to cosmodrome hub.
Every visitor obtained publication summarizing my work in Lichtenberg and ZIP-bag, designed to survive and experience Friday Night Cosmos-Space Walk in Berlin.

Space travel guests of evening
Trojan Tactics (TT)
DJ Aje
VJ Gundemaro

Laser Lines and Posca Lines Blending tested on studio wall with Sébastien Mazuaric.

First Basic Synthetised ~ Signal Generator and 555 Click Machines from Viktor ~ Utopie on Vimeo.