3rd of September 2018 → 21st of Septembre 2018

Trojan Tactics arrived on the 3rd, and are using since then the former optical shop on the 55 rue Cayrade as a work space on display. They managed to clean it and lower the level of humidity from a 85% to an all time record of 25%. Working conditions are good, the interior and exterior lights are working again and our activities can be commented and experimented.

The cafés, the boulangeries, the Spanish descendants (TOP), the kids, everybody is helping in a way, there is sence of welcomed energy in dying street.

Our space will be shut down on the 22nd of September, and gain again high humidity.

As part of TT studio in former Optics shop in “mutating” area of town Decazeville I issued self-published magazine Absuridté.

Magazine was articulating activities and connection with unique atmosphere and topography of former mining town Decazeville.

With coop intervention run-down shop was changed into 24/7 operating Cultural spot, Art studio and venue for music events.

Our project also included inspecting broader area of Aveyron department in the Occitanie region. Gaining sense for local habits, living and cultural situation.

I used the Studio / Kiosk space for testing projects as HAIR INTERNET and ELECTRONIC REPAIRS PHILOSOPHY. As well as starting first prints and publications with help of Thermal Printer.

At Run in party → Clean studio Celebration.
Friday Deca-mood.
Played Hinterheim and Undude